Sometimes a great idea comes along, which is either too big for one party to pursue alone, perhaps due to budget, resource, missing skill sets or time constraints.

Sometimes these ideas come from within BizGen Ltd and we will actively seek appropriate partners to team up with a view to developing an idea through to fruition.

Sometimes the ideas are born outside, and we are approached either on a consultancy basis which develops into something more, or with an invite to take a more direct involvement.

want to work with us?

Do you have an idea that you think has the potential to make some real money?

Are you serious about exploring the opportunity, but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you have started but have reached a sticking point?

Maybe you have a successful business already and are looking for help progressing to the next stage?

If you are looking for experienced business developers, with a proven track record and a vast network of B2B contacts to call upon when needed, then you have found them in BizGen Ltd and our preferred partners.

are you what we are looking for?

Are you serious about business?

Are you passionate about your idea?

Do you have a realistic understanding of the work and commitment involved in pursuing your idea?

Are you seeking someone who will take an active involvement and/or interest in all aspects of the business and how it is managed?

Have you taken the time to properly research your idea?

Do you have a business plan, or at the very minimum, a pitch?

If you can answer yes to all these questions then by all means get in touch. Just don’t be offended if we say no. The reality is we say no more than yes, but that’s a good thing. If we say no, then you may want to rethink your idea as there is a good chance it is either flawed or high risk or both. If we say yes, then you can be confident that we share in your belief, passion and commitment to making it work.

Below are some of the collaborative business models with which we are currently involved:

Dog Friendly Together

Dog Friendly Together is another collaboration with Recruiting Together Ltd borne from our shared love of our four legged friends and our frustrations in finding accommodation and places to go which are dog friendly.

It is an online directory of dog friendly accommodation, pubs, restaurants, campsites and places to go throughout the UK and incorporates a lot of useful k9 information and resources.

e. enquiries@dogfriendlytogether.co.uk   |   t. 0333 456 5424   |   See website for more

CV Together

CV Together is an online CV creation and publication service for jobseekers. It is free for jobseekers to upload their CVs and free for employers to browse. Only when they choose to download a CV of a potential applicant does the employer pay for the service.

It is a collaborative project with shared ownership of the site between BizGen Ltd and Recruiting Together Ltd.

e. support@cvtogether.co.uk   |   t. 0333 456 5424   |   See website for more

Simply Broadband Ltd

Simply Broadband Ltd offers a number of IT solutions including online backup and cloud storage, remote IT support and as the name suggests, broadband.

It is a collaboration between BizGen Ltd, PCs Made Simple Ltd, a PC repair and support business, Bayside Business Solutions Ltd, a Telecoms business and Buy Local Card, a reward card scheme for local business.

e. enquiries@simplybroadband.biz   |   t. 0844 247 2772
Simply Broadband Website   |   Simply Backup Website


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