wearing too many hats?

In an increasingly demanding, complex and challenging environment running a UK business can be tough. Business owners and management teams are all too often expected to wear too many hats and required to be experts in too many fields. Simultaneously they are being looked to by employees and shareholders to inspire them with confidence about future security, growth and profits, while customers demand more service or product for their money.

All too often we see management working in their business, rather than on their business, firefighting the day to day issues that come up, rather than planning for the future. In the worst of cases many do this for so long that they lose sight of what they should be doing in the first place, and that’s when things start to go wrong; deadlines get missed, important things get forgotten, sales fall below targets and unnecessary costs are incurred. In the best of cases, the business gets by, staying where it is or growing at a much slower rate than it is capable of.

how we can help:

Unlike many business development consultancies who focus entirely on marketing, lead generation and conversion, we take a more holistic view of a business to ensure that development is targeted, measured and supported throughout the business. After all, what’s the point of doubling your sales if you can’t fulfil the demand?

Our consultancy team comprises not only of Business Development Consultants, but of specialists across a range of key business success areas, allowing you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. It also means we can deliver targeted solutions for specific challenges.

If, for example, you are leaking money from your IT department through poorly implemented architecture, but you don’t have time to address that yourself, we have someone who can, leaving you to manage your business properly.

Conversely if you are the expert in your field, but not an expert in business, we can help you with that, be it marketing, management, financials, goal setting or a combination of all of them.

Or perhaps your office and admin team are drowning in paperwork, manual processes and working practices that haven’t kept up to speed with the growth of your business. You need someone to work out best practices, implement them and train your team. We excel at that!

the bottom line:

Most commonly though we are brought in to help with the biggest challenge of them all; cost effective, profitable and sustainable growth. That’s when our combined experience, knowledge base and whole business approach really come to bear.

Give us a call today to for a no obligation, impartial and confidential discussion about how we can help your business reach its goals.


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