BizGen Projects is a collective name for all the sub-businesses, websites, works in progress and ideas that are entirely owned by BizGen Ltd. They are diverse not only in their size and type but also in how far along the development path they have reached.

Some may be considered businesses in their own right, some are evolving towards that goal, while many others are still in their infancy. In fact we have quite a few which are just ideas scribbled down in haste with a few notes against them; and very often that’s how most of them start!

We have not listed them all here. Far from it, as at the last count we had 67 "projects". After all we don’t want to give away all of our secrets. However, as they reach a certain point, and where appropriate we will share a few of them here.


Accumulations was originally a supporting site for one of our MDs previous businesses when he bought and sold discontinued tableware and collectables. Following the sale of that business it was adapted into an online resource for collectors of all sorts of paraphernalia and collectables. Under BizGen Ltd it benefited from a facelift and some new functionality in 2012 and has been slowly growing in size and traffic. We are regularly making minor modifications to it with a view to improving usability and content.

e. enquiries@accumulations.co.uk   |   t. 0333 456 5424   |   See website for more

Car Boot Junction

Car Boot Junction is our first and original project, and now our largest. It is also the one of which we are most proud having won awards and reaching the attention of national media on a number of occasions, having already become a recognisable brand and resource within the car booting community.

At its core it is simply a directory of car boot sales throughout the UK listed by local area. However, we have added so much more to it over the years, most notably when we re-launched the site with a new contemporary design in August 2011, to make it the number one resource for car boot operators, sellers and buyers in the UK. Most recently we have added basic International functionality which we plan to build on with a view to making the site a worldwide resource for the 2014 season.

e. enquiries@carbootjunction.com   |   t. 0333 456 5434   |   See website for more


Fit2BFit is our most recent completion. It is a redesign and rebuild of an existing website; a directory of fitness, dance and martial arts classes throughout the UK.

As is often the case for many small businesses small schools, clubs, groups and individual teachers, trainers and instructors struggle to compete in the search engines with larger gyms and organisations. Fit2BFit has been developed to give them a free opportunity to promote their classes and have it found by potential class goers seeking a class in their local area.

e. hello@fit2bfit.co.uk   |   t. 0333 456 5424   |   See website for more

Work In Progress

In addition to maintaining, managing and supporting our existing projects we are currently working on the following: -

  • An online fitness store
  • An online business development resource for Personal Trainers
  • A recipe website
  • An auction website
  • Two community interest projects


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