The following is a guide to the hosting settings you will need when you or your web designer come to build your website:

domain control panel:

A domain is essentially a website address. You can use the domain control panel for pointing your domain to hosting services or redirecting the URL if your hosting is not with us. You would also use it if you wished to transfer your domain away from BizGen.

You can find the domain control panel at We will have given you your password when you first purchased your domain(s) from us.

hosting control panel:

Hosting is essentially a container in which to place your website. It also comes with a whole bunch of tools like email, website statistics and sometimes free web templates and designer tools.

You can find the hosting control panel at We will have given you your password when you first purchased your hosting from us. Unless you have changed it it will also be the same as your Domain Control Panel password.

NB We do understand that usernames and passwords occasioonally get lost and forgotten and we will do our best to help. However, we reserve the right to levy a £12.50 fee for repeated email and/or telephone requests for the same information.

ftp access:

You can recreate the name of your FTP server by adding "ftp." in front of your domain name (e.g.

For newly purchased hosting accounts and/or domains it can take up to 24 hours for DNS to resolve. In this instance use the FTP Server IP instead, which can be found in the panel labelled FTP Details on the bottom right of your hosting control panel.

The username is always the domain name (e.g.

The password can also be obtained from the FTP Details panel and unless you have changed it is usually the same as the Hosting Control Panel password.

The root directory for your webiste is "public_html/" (without the quotes).

As an extra precaution against unauthorised access all of our hosting accounts use an FTP lock. Prior to accessing your web hosting via FTP you will need to unlock it using the Lock FTP panel in your hosting control panel. If you are using a web designer/developer please make sure they are aware of this.

where's my website:

We occasionally get asked "Where's my website?" after new customers have bought a domain and/or hosting. These two things alone do not consitute a website. It still needs to be designed and built and uploaded to the hosting account.

If you are one of these people and believe you should have received a professional website thrown in with the cost of your hosting and domain, we recommend you go visit one of the popular fast food chains who regularly give away free crap with their children's meals. Have a nice day ya'll!


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