existing clients:

If you are an existing client of BizGen Ltd you can be assured that despite our shift in focus and direction we will continue to work with you and provide the excellent service to which you have become accustomed. In fact many of our existing clients are already receiving an even better customer service experience as we now have more time and resource to dedicate to them.


If you are a potential new client hoping to secure our website services then you have most likely come to us by way of a recommendation from one of our existing clients or preferred partners.

Please be aware that due to our existing workload and commitments we are unable to take on all work offered to us. However, you are welcome to get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to help.

If we are confident in our ability and capacity to deliver what you need to a high standard, and that the business relationship is a good match for both parties we will be happy to take you on. If we are not in a position to help directly we will always try and recommend someone else.


Under BizGen Hosting Services we offer a range of UK based hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes from shared hosting solutions to suit the bulk of small businesses to super powered 2.8GHz, 32GB Ram, 2 x Quad core dedicated servers for the largest of businesses, and everything in between.

We will even tailor shared, virtual or dedicated packages to the needs of your business if one of our standard packages does not meet your needs and/or budget.

We also offer domain name acquisition and management and our prices are competitive with some of the biggest hosting names in the business. Click here to visit our web hosting site now.

Everything else

Beyond simple website hosting we also support our client’s online presence from conceptualisation of their website, through to design and build and ultimately ongoing maintenance, management and promotion.

Before embarking on any new website we will take the time to understand your business, it’s objectives and how the website and any other online marketing is going to support it.

If you need help with branding prior to the design of your website, we can help with that too through our network of preferred and recommended businesses, and furthermore we can put you in touch with graphic designers and printers who will work together to ensure that your whole image is consistent from business cards to Facebook cover pages, and from compliment slips to online invoices.

Once your site is delivered we can help you to achieve the best organic search position you can within the search engines. In fact, if you have a geographical target market this is one of our specialities. Beyond that, we can put you in touch with other specialist businesses who can help you manage your social media campaigns, Pay Per Click advertising and link campaigning if these are things that are important to you.

And when you inevitably need to update your site with the latest piece of news or a new customer testimonial, we’re only a phone call or email away.

Please note that due to current workloads and commitments we are restricting the amount of new website work we take on as it’s very important to us that we maintain a high standard of service for our existing clients. If you are keen to secure our website services then by all means get in touch and we will give you a realistic estimate of cost and timescale, or at the very least put you in touch with someone else.

Terms & Conditions

We do the work (within a mutually agreeable timeframe).

You pay us (within our timeframe - usually 14 days of our invoice).

That's it!

Unless you don't pay us, in which case you get two polite chasers before we suspend your account and all attached services immediately before launching debt recovery action... just so you know! If it helps, we usually giggle a little bit when we throw the big red "Off" switch.

Ok, so there's a little bit more to our Ts and Cs than that, but that the crux of it. If you want to know more click here for our full Terms and Conditions.

Help & Support

Have you tried switching it off and on again?

If that doesn't help, try one of the following links:

Live Web Hosting Status Page

Common Email Settings

Common Website Settings (including FTP)

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Hosting Control Panel Login

Domain Control Panel Login

Webmail Login

NB For more hosting and email support options click Help in the Hosting Control Panel to access our Support Database.

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