The following is a guide to transferring your domain away from BizGen Hosting.

Consider the impact to your existing website/email:

If you already have a website attached to your domain name which is currently hosted with us, this will cease to work when the domain transfer is initiated. If you do not want to lose your email and website you will need to arrange to transfer your hosting as well as the domain. There is a separate process for this.

UK domains (e.g. - change the IPS tag:

All UK domains have an IPS tag assigned to them which attaches them to the host/registrar. You will need to change this from our IPS tag "EXTEND" to the IPS tag of your new registrar.

To make the change, login to your Domain Control Panel for the domain you wish to change and select the "Change Nominet Tag" option.

IMPORTANT - IPS Tags are always in CAPITALS and consist of a string of alphanumeric characters without spaces. We cannot verify whether the IPS Tag that you enter is correct. If an incorrect IPS Tag is entered you may lose control of your domain. So double check it when you enter it.

non UK domains (e.g. .com) - unlock the domain:

Before initiating the transfer with your new provider you will need to unlock the domain in your Domain Control Panel. Select "Domain Locking" and then click on the link to unlock the domain.

What happens next?

Next you need to initiate the domain transfer from your new provider. Many hosts provide a mechanism to do so from the online account/control panel they provide you with. If not, you will need to contact their support team to ask them to do it for you.

If it is a non UK domain e.g. ".com" you will likley receive an email asking you to authorise the transfer of the domain with an "Auth code". You can get this from your Domain Control Panel by clicking on "Domain Auth Code".

The domain records will then be updated with the managing body (Nominet for UK domains, ICANN for top level domains) and the DNS records for the domain will be updated. This process can take up to 24 hours for a UK domain, e.g. or 7 days for a top level domain e.g. com.

Once the transfer is complete you may receive a notification from your new provider.

Do I have to transfer my domain away from you if my website is hosted elsewhere?

Not at all, although many people prefer to keep everything under one roof. You can redirect your domain to another website or to another hosting company via your Domain Control Panel.


We hope you have found the answer you are seeking. If not please click here to return to our Support pages menu or get in touch..


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