The following is a summary of our payment terms. For more detail see our Terms & Conditions:

All hosting accounts and domain renewals are invoiced at least 30 days prior to renewal. Payment is due within 14 days of the date of the invoice. The due date is always shown on our invoice.

IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to renew one or more elements we must have written notification (email is acceptable) at least 14 days prior to the renewal date (as detailed in the invoice).

Should neither a payment or a cancellation notification be received prior to the renewal date we will attempt to contact you to establish your wishes. However, should we be unsuccessful we will use our judgement based on account payment history as to whether to renew the domain.

Should we decide not to renew the services we can not guarantee that we will be able to reobtain any lost domains at a later date and additional costs may be incurred. If we do renew the services you will be liable for the full cost of the renewal and subject to our usual Late Payment Policy.

Again, if payment is not received by the due date shown on the invoice we cannot guarantee that your domains and/or hosting will be renewed.

In the event of non-payment for services already provided or secured on your behalf, we reserve the right to suspend the entire account following a reasonable notice period (7 days).


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Payment Terms

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